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Our primary shipping season is from November 15th - April 15th when plants are dormant. Container grown plants can generally be shipped year-round. We will ship the best way after careful review of weather, plant condition, delivery flexibility, and freight cost.

We try to absorb the cost of boxes and packing material, however under some conditions at our sole discretion will be the responsibility of the buyer and charged at cost.

Shipping carrier will be USPS or FedEx. We ship to all states except HI. All plants are shipped bare root unless otherwise noted or arrangements made.
Branch Cove Nursery
Branch Cove Nursery
Check last updated availability here. May not be actual inventory on hand. Please feel free to inquire. (latest harvest or arrivals may not be listed)
Branch Cove Nursery
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Branch Cove Nursery
Branch Cove Nursery

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